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    Increasing efficiency over the life cycle of your system with the digital twin

    Immerse yourself in the future of production and experience efficiency and precision in a new dimension!

    At a time when efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness are crucial, our Digital Twin offers a revolutionary approach to optimise your plant performance and improve your operations over the entire lifecycle of your plant. 

    A Digital Twin is a virtual replica of your physical plant that collects, analyses and visualises real-time data and information about the condition, performance and processes of your plant. Through the use of innovative sensors, data analysis algorithms and machine learning, the digital twin enables precise and detailed monitoring of your plant from commissioning through its entire life cycle and provides valuable insights into its operational behaviour at every stage.

    Save valuable time with your digital machine twin

    time saving through virtual commissioning

    Our solutions for your digital twin

    Digital Twin
    Virtual Commissioning

    Virtual commissioning is a pioneering process that redefines the boundaries of the traditional commissioning process in special machine construction. Instead of relying on physical prototypes and time-consuming on-site testing, this advanced technology enables the complete digitalisation of the commissioning process.

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    virtual simulation
    Simulations and optimizations

    Simulation and optimisation using the digital twin is a modern technology that enables us to virtually model, analyse and optimise your production processes. By creating a precise digital model of your physical systems, we can simulate complex production environments and virtually run through a variety of scenarios.

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    Your benefits of the digital twin as a plant operator

    Optimized Performance
    Optimised performance

    Continuous monitoring and analysis of your system enables potential bottlenecks, failures or inefficient processes to be detected and rectified at an early stage. This increases the productivity and quality of your plant throughout its entire life cycle.

    Robot arm
    Predictive maintenance

    The digital twin enables preventive maintenance by identifying anomalies or wear patterns that indicate potential failures. This maximises system availability, minimises unplanned downtime during operation and extends the service life of your system.

    Increased efficiency

    By analysing real-time data, the digital twin uncovers potential for optimisation and makes recommendations for improving processes and resource utilisation across the entire life cycle. This reduces costs and improves the environmental footprint of your plant.

    Product Launch
    Faster time to market

    With a better understanding of plant performance, production processes can be adapted and optimised more quickly to meet changing market requirements. This shortens development and delivery times during commissioning and ensures smooth operation over the entire life cycle.

    Quality Standars
    Improved safety

    By monitoring operating parameters and statuses, potential safety risks are recognised and rectified at an early stage. The digital twin thus contributes to the creation of a safer working environment and minimises the risk of operational disruptions throughout the entire system life cycle.

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    Richard Stegmann

    Manager Digital Solutions
    Richard Stegmann