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    VR training: Save costs 
    and protect the environment

    VR training platform

    Learn machine operation and commissioning, anywhere and at any time!

    Our pioneering VR training courses offer an innovative way to train your team in machine operation and commissioning without them having to be physically present. Our cutting-edge VR technology allows your employees to train from the comfort of their current location, providing an immersive learning experience. They can work interactively with the machines, simulate processes and develop practical skills while experienced trainers accompany them.

    Avoiding travel costs and reducing downtime make our VR training a cost-effective solution for your organisation. At the same time, you help to minimise your environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions from travel and making your training processes more sustainable.

    Put on your glasses. Let's go!

    Our VR training courses are delivered via a secure remote connection, allowing participants to access the training programme from any location. Using state-of-the-art VR goggles, participants are immersed in a virtual environment specifically designed for training in the operation and commissioning of machinery. In this realistic environment, they can work interactively with the virtual machines, press buttons, move levers and simulate processes. 

    Our experienced trainers guide participants through practical scenarios based on real working environments and are always available for questions and support. They provide individual feedback to optimise learning and help participants to deepen their skills and knowledge. This interactive and personalised training method ensures an effective learning experience that optimally prepares participants for their professional challenges.

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    The advantages of our VR training courses

    less effort
    Flexibility and convenience

    Participants can attend from anywhere, minimising travel costs and downtime.

    Interactive learning

    The virtual environment allows employees to learn interactively, make mistakes and learn from them without taking real risks.

    Efficiency and attention

    Interaction with virtual machines promotes deeper understanding and improves knowledge retention.

    Cost savings
    Cost efficiency

    Reduction in travel and accommodation costs and elimination of expensive training materials.

    Quality Standars
    Improved safety

    Simulated hazardous situations help to practice safety protocols and minimise the risk of accidents.

    Training with Virtual Reality

    Our VR training courses cover a variety of topics including:

    Machine operation basics
    Safety protocols and procedures
    Troubleshooting and maintenance
    Specific instructions for different machine types

    FAQs VR Trainings

    What is virtual reality (VR) and how does VR training work?

    Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that allows participants to immerse themselves in a computer-generated, interactive environment. In our VR training courses, participants use special VR goggles to immerse themselves in a virtual environment in which they can interactively learn how to operate and commission machinery.

    What are the advantages of VR training compared to traditional training methods?

    VR training offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to conduct training from any location, the interactivity and immersion that enhance the learning experience, and the cost and time savings from eliminating travel costs and downtime.

    Do participants need any special prior knowledge or equipment to take part in the training courses?

    No, our VR training courses are designed for participants of all experience levels and do not require any special prior knowledge. Participants only need an internet connection and VR glasses to take part in the training courses. They can obtain these from us via a suitable service agreement.

    How secure are the VR training courses and what data protection measures are taken?

    The security and data protection of our participants is our top priority. Our VR training courses are delivered via a secure remote connection and we take comprehensive data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

    How is the training content created and updated?

    Our experienced trainers and subject matter experts create the training content based on best practices and current industry standards. The content is regularly updated and adapted to new developments and requirements in the industry.

    How do participants receive support during the training courses?

    Our experienced trainers are always available for questions and support during the training sessions. Participants can contact the trainers via chat, e-mail or telephone and receive personalised feedback and support in solving problems.

    Do you offer certificates or diplomas on completion of the training courses?

    Yes, upon completion of our VR training courses, participants receive an official certificate attesting to their participation and the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

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