• AI Vision - The future of intelligent data processing in Industry 4.0

    AI Vision: intelligent data processing 
    in Industry 4.0

    AI Vision: Efficient real-time analysis for companies in all industries

    Increase your productivity and quality through precise visual insights with AI Vision.

    AI Vision is an innovative solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) that helps companies analyse data in real time and gain valuable insights for efficient production, error detection and process optimisation. By utilising advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques, AI Vision enables precise recognition, classification and processing of information. This powerful technology is used in various industries, from manufacturing to logistics and medicine, and offers numerous benefits for companies.

    AI Vision provides an efficient solution to overcome the challenges of camera-based data analysis by enabling automated analyses that minimise human error and increase productivity. By using AI Vision, companies can optimise their operations, improve product quality and gain valuable insights that lead to informed decisions.

    Discover the revolutionary benefits of AI Vision in overcoming previously unsolvable challenges, for example in natural products or medical technology.

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    Application examples of AI-based data analysis

    Quality control in production

    AI vision can be used to automatically check products for defects or irregularities during the manufacturing process and thus improve product quality

    Object recognition in logistics

    Artificial intelligence can be used to recognise and classify objects on conveyor belts or in warehouses, resulting in more efficient inventory and goods tracking.

    Surveillance and security

    AI Vision can be used to monitor buildings, facilities and public spaces to detect and respond to suspicious activity or potential security risks at an early stage.

    Medical imaging

    AI Vision can also be used in medical imaging to detect and diagnose diseases at an early stage by analysing medical images such as X-rays or MRI scans.

    Traffic monitoring and management

    AI Vision can be used to monitor traffic, analyse traffic flows and recognise traffic signs and vehicle number plates to improve traffic management and reduce congestion.

    Agricultural monitoring

    An artificially intelligent vision system can be used to monitor farms, detect plant diseases at an early stage, optimise harvesting and increase the efficiency of agricultural production.

    Retail analytics

    In retail, the use of artificial intelligence makes sense to analyse customer behaviour, monitor shelf stock and optimise product displays to improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

    Building automation

    AI vision can be used to monitor and control buildings, for example by recognising room occupancy and adjusting lighting and air conditioning accordingly to save energy and increase comfort.

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    In order to successfully introduce and utilise Smart Detect in your own company, you need the necessary hardware and software. We can provide you with comprehensive advice tailored to your company. In addition, our experts will take care of the configuration and integration of camera equipment, lighting units, PLCs and more.

    Advantages of AI Vision

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    Automation and efficiency

    AI Vision automates complex analysis processes, which leads to increased efficiency and productivity. Human error is minimised and repetitive tasks can be performed faster and more precisely.

    Real-time analysis

    AI Vision allows data to be analysed in real time, enabling a rapid response to events and anomalies. This is particularly important in environments where quick decisions need to be made, such as in production or in the security sector.


    AI Vision is scalable and can be adapted to the requirements and growth of an organisation. It can easily handle increasing amounts of data and complexity without compromising performance.

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    Precision and accuracy

    Through the use of machine learning and advanced algorithms, AI Vision provides high precision and accuracy in recognising, classifying and processing information. This enables informed decisions based on reliable data.

    Cost savings
    Reduction of costs and risks

    By automating and optimising processes, AI Vision helps to reduce costs and risks. Errors can be recognised and rectified at an early stage, resulting in lower reject rates and fewer interruptions to operations.

    Innovation Competition
    Innovation and competitiveness

    Utilising AI Vision enables companies to develop innovative solutions and increase their competitiveness. By optimising processes and gaining new insights from visual data, companies can open up new markets and set themselves apart from the competition.

    FAQs about AI Vision

    What is AI Vision?

    AI Vision is an advanced technology based on artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand, interpret and process visual information. It uses machine learning algorithms to recognise patterns and features in images or videos, identify objects and solve complex visual tasks.

    What areas of application does AI Vision have?

    AI vision is used in various industries and sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, security, retail, agriculture and many more. Applications include quality control, object recognition, surveillance, medical imaging, traffic management, customer analysis and much more.

    How does AI Vision work?

    AI Vision works through the use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. First, large amounts of visual data are trained to recognise patterns and features. The system can then use these patterns to analyse and interpret new images or videos without the need for explicit programming.

    What are the benefits of AI Vision?

    The benefits of AI Vision include increased efficiency and productivity, improved accuracy and precision, faster response time, reduced cost and risk, automation of complex tasks, and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and competitiveness.

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