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    Energy management: Saving energy resources, 
    achieving sustainability goals 

    Increasing efficiency over the life cycle

    Optimise your machine performance and achieve sustainability goals.

    Use data-driven insights to optimise your machine performance and achieve your sustainability goals with ruhlaSmart energy management. 

    Efficient use of energy resources to minimise the total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of your machines is critical. Our solution provides intelligent monitoring, analysis and optimisation of energy consumption to lower operating costs, reduce environmental impact and strengthen your competitiveness. 

    Effective energy management not only reduces energy consumption and increases energy efficiency, but also reduces your environmental footprint. This contributes directly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts and supports the achievement of your sustainability goals. In addition, energy-saving measures help to conserve resources and protect natural habitats. Discover the possibilities of ruhlaSmart for a sustainable future!

    Our energy management service

    When it comes to energy efficiency manufacturing and forward-looking energy management, we are at your side as a competent partner. We provide the necessary hardware and software, edge devices and sensors so that you can efficiently optimise your company's energy consumption in the long term.

    Do you know your scope of emission?

    Scopes of emission

    Energy management - your benefits at a glance

    Cost savings
    Cost savings

    By optimising energy consumption, companies can reduce their operating costs over the life cycle and improve the profitability of their machines.

    Extending machine service life

    An optimal energy supply (e.g. compressed air supply) helps to minimise wear and tear on machines and extend their service life, which in turn reduces overall operating costs.

    co2 reduction

    By reducing energy consumption, companies contribute to environmental protection and can improve their image as a sustainable and environmentally conscious company.

    Compliance with regulations

    Some industries are subject to strict energy efficiency regulations and standards. Intelligent energy management helps to fulfil these requirements and avoid potential penalties.

    Quality Standars
    Data-driven decision making

    Analysing energy consumption data enables companies to make informed decisions and identify potential savings or efficiency improvements.

    FAQs Energy management

    What is energy management?

    Energy management refers to the process of monitoring, controlling and optimising energy consumption in companies in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

    Why is energy management important for companies?

    Energy management is important to reduce operating costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Through effective energy management, companies can increase their competitiveness and ensure long-term success.

    What measures does energy management involve?

    Energy management encompasses a variety of measures, including monitoring and analysing energy consumption, identifying potential savings, implementing energy efficiency measures, investing in renewable energy.

    How can data analytics help with energy management?

    Data analytics plays an important role in energy management by helping companies to analyse their energy consumption, identify patterns and trends and recognise potential for optimisation. By using data analytics, companies can improve their energy efficiency and reduce costs.

    What are the benefits of energy management through data analytics?

    The benefits of energy management through data analytics are manifold. They include lowering energy costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing environmental impact and creating competitive advantage through sustainable business practices.

    How can my company get started with energy management?

    To get started with energy management, it is important to take stock of energy consumption and energy costs, identify potential savings and implement concrete measures to improve energy efficiency. An experienced team of energy experts can help you develop and implement a customised energy management plan.

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