• Digital production - Increasing efficiency and optimising your production

    Digital production - Increasing efficiency
    and optimising your production

    Transparency and efficiency optimisation for your production

    From individual stations to the entire shop floor!

    Our condition monitoring solution offers entry into the world of automation systems for real-time machine monitoring. In addition, the integration of Line Control or MES (Manufacturing Execution System) offers plant operators seamless control of their production lines in real time as well as holistic management and optimisation of their entire manufacturing processes. Through precise control and automation, operators can increase efficiency, improve product quality and shorten throughput times. At the same time, the MES enables comprehensive planning, scheduling, material management and quality control, resulting in smooth production and maximum utilisation of resources.

    Our shopfloor solutions at a glance

    Condition Monitoring and KPIs
    Condition monitoring

    Monitor and analyse key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. KPIs enable you to make informed decisions to optimise performance and achieve your operational goals.

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    Line control of a ruhlamat machine
    Line control and optimisation

    Precise control of your production lines in real time, seamless integration and optimal utilisation of your equipment. By automating processes, you can not only increase efficiency, but also improve product quality and reduce lead times.

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    Manufacturing Execution System
    MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

    From planning and scheduling to material management and quality control - our MES solution ensures smooth processing of your production and maximum utilisation of your resources.

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    Monitor your machines in real-time

    Keep an eye on your most important KPIs at all times

    ruhlaSmart Condition Monitoring

    Your benefits of a digital production landscape

    Increased efficiency

    Production processes can be optimised through condition monitoring, line control and manufacturing execution systems, resulting in increased efficiency.

    Cost savings
    Cost savings

    Digital production enables more precise monitoring of resources and processes, resulting in lower operating costs.

    Quality improvement

    The use of digital technologies enables more precise control and monitoring of production processes, which leads to an improvement in product quality.

    Flexibility and adaptability

    Digitalisation makes it possible to quickly adapt production processes and respond to changing market requirements.

    faster time to market
    Real-time data analysis

    By using digital systems, real-time data can be analysed, leading to better-informed decisions and faster responsiveness.

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    Richard Stegmann

    Manager Digital Solutions
    Richard Stegmann