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    ruhlamat MachineHub

    Your ultimate ruhlamat platform for efficient machine management

    The MachineHub is not just another ruhlaSmart software solution by ruhlamat - it is your reliable partner for efficient and future-oriented production. With our holistic approach to machine management, we cover all essential aspects, from precise data acquisition and new communication options, to up-to-date access to information and detailed maintenance planning. We understand the challenges faced by manufacturing companies and are committed to helping you optimize your operations and increase your success. 

    Find out how MachineHub can transform your production landscape. By seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and intelligently linking data, it enables comprehensive analysis and optimization of your production processes. From real-time machine performance monitoring to proactive maintenance planning, the MachineHub gives you the tools to minimize downtime, increase productivity and reduce costs.

    Your machine maintenance at a glance

    ruhlaSmart Predictive Maintenance Planning

    Features and benefits of the MachineHub

    Machine data and performance

    Capture real-time data on your machines' operating parameters and performance metrics to identify trends and make informed decisions.

    Optimized Maintenance
    Maintenance schedules and reminders

    Manage maintenance activities with ease. The MachineHub offers automatic reminders for maintenance intervals and supports you in proactively planning maintenance work.

    less effort
    Operating instructions and tutorials

    Our extensive knowledge base contains operating instructions, training materials and tutorials to help your employees operate and maintain the machines effectively.

    Ticket System
    Ticket system

    Simplify communication between your teams and ruhlamat technicians with our integrated ticket system. Record problems, track the progress of maintenance requests and ensure quick resolution of faults.

    Spare parts catalog

    Easily find the spare parts you need for your machines. Our spare parts catalog offers a user-friendly search and quick ordering options to minimize downtime.

    FAQs MachineHub

    What is the MachineHub and how does it work?

    The MachineHub is a web-based platform that enables companies to efficiently manage and optimize their machines. It integrates seamlessly into existing operations and offers an intuitive user interface for ease of use.

    How can the MachineHub support my business?

    By bringing all relevant data and tools for machine management together in one place, the MachineHub helps companies optimize their operations, minimize downtime and improve the overall performance of their equipment.

    Is the MachineHub customizable to my company's specific requirements?

    Yes, the MachineHub is flexible and can be customized to meet the individual needs and requirements of your business. From small modules to large production lines, we offer customized solutions for every industry and size.

    What types of machines are supported by MachineHub?

    The MachineHub is cross-industry and can be used for a wide range of machines and applications. From CNC machines to industrial robots and production lines, our platform is versatile and scalable.

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