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    Smart Edge Analytics

    Turn your data into valuable insights.

    Collecting data is an essential part of Industry 4.0, but storing and analysing it is very time-consuming and resource-intensive - even though much of the data collected is not actually used later on.

    Smart Edge Analytics offers a time and cost-saving alternative here: instead of collecting all the data collected by machines and systems unfiltered and uploading it to the cloud or sending it to an external data centre, for example, the initial analysis is carried out directly on site - at the edge of the network. This not only enables cost savings when forwarding and storing the data, but also increases the ability to act and production stability.

    Quick and easy data analysis on site

    ruhlaSmart vision data evaluation

    Application examples for smart data analytics

    Data collection

    Machines, systems and sensors continuously collect data during the production process and evaluate it automatically. As a result, deviations in process stability and machine capability are noticed immediately and can be remedied without delay. For separate storage, only the data that has real relevance is passed on. Thanks to a programmed algorithm, Smart Edge Analytics recognizes important data and sends it on for storage, while irrelevant data is deleted immediately. This saves time and storage resources.


    Extensive analyses of production trends and forecasts, as well as the condition of machines and equipment, allow maintenance schedules and production conditions to be customized. This results in lower maintenance costs in the long term. Breakdowns can be better predicted and averted in advance through targeted measures. This improves production stability, saves time and resources, and prevents costly downtime.


    Real-time evaluation of data directly on the machine itself makes it possible to react faster and in a more targeted manner in the event of an emergency. Abnormal production conditions or results are detected immediately and reported to the operator without delay. For example, wear parts can be replaced preventively. Depending on the programming, the output of the respective machine can even be automatically reduced or adjusted if necessary. This prevents downtime, supports production stability and prevents expensive production errors.

    Create the conditions, we'll take care of the rest!

    In order to benefit from the advantages of Smart Edge Analytics, entrepreneurs must first invest in the appropriate hardware. This includes, for example, camera equipment, lighting units, PLC edge gateway and communication interfaces. During a detailed consultation, our experts will be happy to explain how Smart Edge Analytics can also be implemented in your company.

    Benefit from your data

    faster time to market
    Real-time data collection

    Real-time data collection and analysis allows production problems to be identified immediately and communicated to the operator.


    The evaluation of trend analyses helps to identify the actual maintenance needs of machines and thus introduce realistic maintenance schedules for maximum time savings.

    Cost savings
    Cost savings

    Thanks to the avoidance of maintenance support, significant time and cost savings are possible.

    co2 reduction
    CO2 Reduction

    Because data is evaluated for relevance directly on site, excessive storage of irrelevant data volumes and the associated consumption of resources can be prevented.

    Quality Standars
    Data security

    Since data no longer has to be routed to an external data center or uploaded to the cloud in order to be analyzed, data security is noticeably improved.

    Reliable data analytics

    Businesses in rural areas where there is limited bandwidth available for data uploads can still get reliable data analytics thanks to Smart Edge Analytics.

    FAQs Smart Edge Analytics

    For whom is Smart Edge Analytics worthwhile?

    Smart Edge Analytics is particularly suitable for companies in Industry 4.0 that need to collect and analyse large volumes of data. It is particularly beneficial for companies looking for cost-effective solutions to analyse data directly at the point of origin and improve production stability.

    Why can Smart Edge Analytics improve data security?

    Smart Edge Analytics improves data security by processing sensitive data locally at the network edge instead of transmitting it over the network. This reduces the risk of data leaks or security breaches as sensitive information remains on site and does not need to be sent to external servers.

    How is Smart Edge Analytics integrated into existing systems?

    Smart Edge Analytics is usually integrated into existing systems by installing the appropriate hardware and software. This solution can be customised and configured according to the company's requirements to enable seamless integration into the existing infrastructure.

    What data can be processed with Smart Edge Analytics?

    Smart Edge Analytics can process a variety of data types collected in Industry 4.0, including sensor and machine data, production data, operational data and more. The exact data that can be processed depends on the specific requirements and configuration of the solution.

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