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    Remote maintenance: efficient
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    Minimized downtimes through remote support at any time

    Modern worker assistance systems are revolutionizing the maintenance of machines and systems by not only facilitating the work processes of production employees, but also continuously collecting valuable data. This data is intelligently processed and forwarded to the maintenance management system in real time to enable rapid diagnosis in the event of a problem. 

    Thanks to purely digital access and the implementation of remote maintenance, our technicians no longer need to be physically present on site. Troubleshooting is carried out remotely: the machine operator is equipped with smart glasses and receives precise troubleshooting instructions from our experienced service technicians. 

    Maintenance, servicing and repair work on machines and systems is known to be associated with considerable downtime and costs. Remote Maintenance offers a pioneering solution to minimize these challenges. By using state-of-the-art sensors and computerized processing systems, potential downtimes are reduced and preventive maintenance measures and early detection of disruptions in the production process are effectively identified.

    Remote Maintenance - save time and money

    Remote maintenance - your benefits at a glance

    time savings
    Downtime Reduction

    Thanks to the analysis of real-time data, problems with machines can be averted before they arise. This massively reduces downtime.

    Cost savings
    Cost and Time savings

    Wherever the deployment of service technicians is required, remote support offers significant cost and time savings.

    Fast response time

    Access to real-time data brings our service technicians immediately into the picture - this saves complicated problem descriptions and guarantees fast help.

    co2 reduction
    CO2 reduction

    Virtual Assistance and Remote Maintenance eliminate the need for technicians to travel long distances. This in turn leads to a significant reduction in environmentally harmful CO2 emissions.

    FAQs Remote Maintenance

    Is Remote Maintenance safe?

    Yes, Remote Maintenance uses secure technologies and protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data.

    Which machines and systems can be supported by Remote Maintenance?

    In principle, all types of system can be equipped with Remote Maintenance - extremely expensive systems benefit from the upgrade just as much as very simple or complex system types. However, the prerequisite is that the system is in good condition. In the case of old or already defective systems, it is usually more worthwhile investing in a completely new system (including Smart Maintenance).

    How is remote maintenance integrated into existing systems?

    Our experts support you with the seamless integration of remote maintenance into your existing infrastructure and workflows. Commercially available apps are required for remote support - TeamViewer Pilot or Teams are typical standard applications.

    What cost savings are possible by using remote maintenance?

    Significant cost savings can be achieved by reducing downtimes, efficient maintenance processes and the elimination of travel costs.

    What are the technical requirements for remote maintenance?

    The exact technical requirements vary depending on the specific needs of your company. There are a number of software and hardware requirements that need to be met. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your requirements.

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