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    Line Control is an advanced system that monitors and controls production lines to ensure smooth operation and maximum efficiency. It enables precise control to ensure optimum performance and quality. By monitoring and controlling production processes, it significantly improves the performance, quality and profitability of production lines. As an essential component of modern manufacturing technologies, line control plays a crucial role in maintaining the competitiveness of companies in a dynamic market environment.

    Our Line Control system is designed not only to monitor and control production processes, but also to identify bottlenecks and automatically take action to resolve them. This maximises the utilisation of the production line and minimises downtimes. In addition, real-time monitoring and reporting enables operators and managers to react quickly to problems and obtain valuable data on plant performance and efficiency.

    The main functions of a Line Control System

    Production line control

    A line control system enables precise control and coordination of the various components of a production line, including machines, conveyors, robots and other automated systems.

    Real-time monitoring

    It continuously collects data on the performance and efficiency of the production line in real time. This includes, for example, information on production speeds, material consumption, machine utilisation and the quality of the manufactured products.

    Automated control

    Based on the data collected, the line control system can automatically make adjustments to the production processes to ensure optimum performance. This can include adjusting speeds, temperatures, pressures or other parameters to improve product quality and minimise downtime.

    Fault detection and rectification

    A line control system can recognise potential faults or problems in the production line and initiate appropriate measures to rectify the fault. This can include automatically shutting down machines in the event of malfunctions, notifying operators or adjusting process parameters to rectify problems.

    Optimisation of production processes

    Through continuous monitoring and automated control, a line control system helps to optimise production processes. This includes maximising the utilisation of machines and resources, minimising downtime and stoppages, reducing production errors and increasing overall productivity.

    Data analysis and reporting

    A line control system collects extensive data on the performance of the production line, which can be used for analysis and reporting. This enables operators to identify trends, detect bottlenecks, monitor performance indicators and make informed decisions to optimise production processes.


    Traceability is a crucial aspect of a line control system, as it enables the entire path of a product or component to be tracked through the manufacturing process.

    Line Control

    Your benefits at a glance - Line Control System

    Resource optimisation

    Precise control of production lines allows resources to be used more efficiently. For example, the system can optimise material flow to avoid bottlenecks or analyse energy consumption patterns to reduce costs.

    Quality Standars
    Reducing errors and rejects

    A line control system can help to improve the quality of manufactured products by identifying potential sources of error and intervening in good time. This helps to reduce rejects and increase overall quality.

    faster time to market
    Just-in-time production

    Production processes can be fine-tuned thanks to real-time monitoring and automated control. This enables just-in-time production, where materials and resources are used exactly when they are needed, minimising stock levels and increasing efficiency.

    reduction of downtime
    Faster response times

    When problems occur, the line control system can send immediate notifications to operators or even initiate automated troubleshooting measures. This minimises downtime and ensures production continuity.

    FAQs Line Control

    What is a line control system?

    In production, a line control system refers to a system that monitors and controls the production flow on a production line. It is an automated control system that ensures that production processes run smoothly and that production targets are achieved.

    How is the Line Control System integrated into existing production systems and processes?

    The Line Control System is integrated by connecting it to existing production systems and processes via suitable interfaces and communication protocols.

    What reporting functions does the Line Control System offer?

    The Line Control System offers comprehensive reporting functions that make it possible to analyse production data, identify trends and make well-founded decisions for process optimisation.

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